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Support for Employers

Support for Employers

No-Employer-Cost RFP’s

Do you want your RFP run with high effectiveness at no cost to you and no use of internal resources?

Medical Plan Co-Fiduciary Services

Do you know how much money your broker is making? Probably Not.

Incumbent Review

You love your plan service providers.  But do you love them enough to overpay them, expose your employees to excessive costs and expose your organization to liability?


Do you want to be able to demonstrate to your constituents (e.g., employees, board members, etc.) that you exercise complete fiduciary best practices?

Prior Period Remediation

Have you just cleaned up your fiduciary practices but have prior period issues that leave you exposed to regulators and lawsuits?

Fiduciary Training

Don’t sleep on your fiduciary duties and don’t sleep during your fiduciary training.